This week I guest posted on Nicohle Christopherson’s blog. Check out the first bit here or click the title just below for the full version. Also, take a look at the previous post for Nicohle’s post, Researching Mystery.

So You Wrote a Stereotyped Character…9 Ways to Fix Your Story

I’ve rwikipedia underwood typewriterecently been doing a blog post series on How to Write Well-Rounded Female Characters, which included a list of 19 Female Character Stereotypes to Avoid.

Since Nicohle Christopherson and I are swapping blog posts today, I would love to take that list one step further and show how I would fix a stereotyped female character (but the same concepts apply to any character).

Why You Don’t Have to Start Over

If your character falls into a stereotype, it’s not so much that you’ve written her wrong as that you’re just not done writing her. Writers revert to stereotypes or tropes rather than fully articulating what makes a character unique.

It’s tricky because you may not feel lazy as you write a stereotypical character. You’re still sitting in the writer’s chair fulfilling your daily word count or time quota, but essentially you’re being creatively lazy about who you are writing about. More

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