I began looking into dictation for several reasons. Like many people, I have experienced back problems which make it hard to sit at a computer and write all day. I’ve also had trouble keeping weight off since becoming a full-time writer. There, said it!

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4 Comments on “13 Advantages to Dictating Your Writing

  1. So right now I’m using Apple dictation. It just comes with the Mac you just turn it on it’s ready to go. I like it because I can start and stop it doesn’t timeout I can also interject with the keyboard and edit it as I please.

    What dictation program do you use which one do you recommend?

    • Hi Daniel! I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows/PC. It cost me about $90 but has been worth it. I particularly love how I can go for long walks with a digital recorder to narrate my writing. Then I upload the audio files to my computer. Dragon has a feature under Tools where you then Transcribe, meaning once you click into a program like Word it will type out everything from that audio file (I don’t believe Apple Dictation offers this). Yes, I have to then read through the computerized excerpt and make edits but overall the process is still faster for me than typing and I’m not spending my entire life sitting at a computer! I haven’t used Dragon for Mac. I believe it’s more expensive. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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