Links to My Different Blogs: Fiction and Non-fiction

My blogging has been scrambled for the last little while. It’s also been scarce; I admit I haven’t had much going on! It’s so easy to let a week go by, then five, then fifteen. . .

I’m up in the middle of the night right now because a delicious storm woke me, and it’s gorgeous witnessing it, hearing the trees come alive at every branch when they are usually silent. It’s the kind of warmer storm you can let swirl in through open windows.

I love wind because it mixes things up, refreshing everything at the particulate level. I tend to like change a lot. But sometimes, the swirl of it all keeps me from moving forward on specific projects, even though a lot is happening inside my little writing world.

So I’m reassessing blogging. Part of my difficulty has been topic confusion. To fix that, I’m splitting my channels as follows:

  • My book-specific sites such as will describe a given series, its characters, and its world for new or interested readers. These are introductory landing pages.


  • This blog is for readers who want to know more about my works, so it will feature more in-depth stuff about my inspirations, character development, worldbuilding, research, and upcoming books or projects. If you already like reading my fiction, you’ll probably like this site.
  • I have the vision I’ve been struggling without, regarding as well. That will continue to be where I explore writing tools and the writing craft, and the audience is fellow fiction or non-fiction authors.


  • Finally, I have more personal thoughts I’m beginning to write about as far as my faith and particularly pertaining to women’s issues and singles’ issues within Mormon-dom, so I finally figured out how to approach that as a separate site I’m working on. I’ll post it here when it is ready. This is where I’ll get into spiritual or churchy stuff.

In Summary: The Power of Reassessment

Reassessment (and wind storms!) help me transform, so it’s fun to finally get some traction around all this.

And it’s fun to have it happening on a day that’s significant to me personally, because it’s a special day for someone in my life who matters to me immensely and whom I deeply admire–one of my absolute heroes. Someone who continues evolving and reassessing, and who I’m deeply proud of. . .so I’m doubly inspired.

Thanks for visiting my site!

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