Facebook Live Chat With Jeff Mach About the Upcoming Steampunk World’s Fair and More!

Guess what? I’ll be Facebook Live-ing with the organizer of a huge steampunk convention: Jeff Mach, of Steampunk World’s Fair fame! He’s also a musician as well as an author, and probably many other things. I can’t wait!

Join us Tuesday January 16th at 11 a.m. Eastern Time.


Storypunks Social Guest Announcements Jeff Mach

I’ll be talking to Jeff about lots of steampunk goodness, especially since he blogs a ton on the subject at JeffMachEvents.com. I’m sure we’ll also talk about his forthcoming work The Steampunk Cookbook. How fun is that?!

Jeff Mach the-steampunk-cookbook-egregore

This should be a really interesting discussion, plus you can be part of it through the link above!

Also, this live event is part of a new audio and video show I’ve launched, so if you haven’t already, check out The Storypunks Podcast and subscribe!

Storypunks Podcast iTunes

By way of quick update, I am wrapping up my re-work of the first book in my Norse mythology meets steampunk series titled Piccadilly Valkyrie. It’s looking like this will be ready for beta reading in February or March 2018, so please sign up if this story sounds interesting to you (it’s pretty weird and wonderful, for the right reader!).


And on that note, Jeff and I will be cosplaying for this Facebook Live Event!

I’m going as my main character–which is a bit scandalous because it makes plain that I’m pushing the edge of the steampunk envelope by setting this series in the Regency Era (there was steam technology then as well!).

So yes, there will be much to discuss!

Join us!!

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