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Maybe I shouldn’t have a best job and worst job because all jobs have merit–but I’ll take my best job any day.

My worst job was feeding hundreds of rats in a solitary tower with no windows. By feed, I mean pick up by the tail, transfer to another cage, and dodge the inevitable shower of urine-saturated shavings before each one crawls up your arm and onto your face. For some reason this had to happen at 6 a.m. I don’t know, I was in college and thought everyone was paying their way by working a super nasty job or something, so I went with it.

My best job? The one I have now! Writing.

  • Fiction: Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy)
  • Non-fiction: Technology, Writing Help, Productivity, and Marketing. I ghostwrite for Fortune 500 companies and tech start-ups.

I wrote as the Office Software Suites Expert for About.com (formerly owned by The New York Times and then IAC, and now it’s found at Thoughtco.com).

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A very close second for the favorite job thing would be my years as an instructor and administrator of productivity software and business management at various educational institutions. I still teach these subjects whenever I get the chance.

Why I Write What I Write and Read What I Read

I geek out over past, present, and future consumer technology and productivity. The instructor side of me loves helping people find solutions and new ways of being more effective.

Fiction is the perfect complement to all that. I write sci fi and fantasy because I love to consider the seemingly improbable. Speculative fiction such as sci fi, steampunk, and fantasy creates more space in life, which can sometimes feel like the walls are starting to close in! Fiction writing continues to bewitch me out of more and more of my time.

I read cyberpunk and steampunk now, but mystery and thriller are my more longstanding reading and movie choices for absolute escape.

About This Site’s Blog

My blog on this site highlights my writing, research, conference panels, at times opinionated dealings about life on this planet, and battle cries for attacking personal goals. Thanks for being here and checking out what I am up to–which I’m happy to say has nothing to do with rats.

6 Comments on “About Writer Cindy Grigg

  1. Cindy, just popping over to see a bit more about yourself and to say a great big thanks for the follow that you bestowed on my own humble blog. Welcome aboard and please feel free to comment. Have a great weekend, MM 🍀

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog posts bunches, so thank you for that! And a big thanks for following my author website! Much appreciated! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the follow, Cindy, glad to return the favour as us authors need to stick together.
    And…you sound like a lot of fun and I’m a bit short of that at the moment.

    • We absolutely do need to stick together. Writing’s one of the toughest things I’ve done. It’s wonderful to meet you as well and I look forward to following what you’re sharing! And you’re so right, sometimes life gets too serious!! 😀

  4. Hi Cindy! Cool blog you have here…thanks for the follow – I appreciate it 🙂

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