Peacock Lavine and the Aetherian Fates of Nótt Series

Piccadilly Valkyrie Full Cover J


“A Norse Steampunk and Urban Fantasy Rollick and Tussle Through An Alternative Regency Iceland, England, and the Afterlife”

Book 1

Valkyrie Kára is underdeveloped and unruly.

When Kára is exiled from the Icelandic airship where she was groomed to become Valkyrie–Death Maidens who weave mortal Fate on ancient looms and recruit the bravest mortal warriors for an afterlife as heroes called Einherjar–she must forge a new existence as an immortal among mortals.

Kára becomes Peacock Lavine, an enigma making waves in Regency London with her uncanny ability to empower the disenfranchised of society while also gaining influence among the social elite. Peacock soon realizes she is destined to be a catalyst for change, but she’s not sure she wants to be.

Her adventures among London’s low- and high-society lead her to confront mortal conventions as well as what is possible for her as an immortal, as her unusual ideas pitch her into a rollick and tussle against the mortal and immortal forces that would keep her powerless against that which she is still struggling to create–

Her own immortal Fate!

Peacock Lavine Book 1

This is the first of five books in the PEACOCK LAVINE AND THE AETHERIAN FATES OF NÓTT series, although it is preceded by a 100-page prologue:

Unwyrded Full Cover G

Set in ‘Jane Austen’ times with all its charming manners, balls, and romance, this book also weaves in Norse myth, battlefields, historical forces such as Luddites, nefarious elements of society, and plenty of paranormal, mythic, steampunk, alternate history, and fantastical goings-on. 


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