The Salt Sheen Paradox Series

Bombyx Cover 1 54

VOLVELLE OF THE BOMBYX is the first six-episode season in the serialized science fiction thriller THE SALT SHEEN PARADOX.

Originally, I was publishing this as a novel series but realized it is so much better as a serial of episodes grouped into seasons.

Each episode is about 10,000 words (about 40 pages) and intended to be read in one sitting.

In this series, Beatrice Bentz discovers a system of time and space portals connecting the world’s salt flats. Controlled by a conspiracy involving her estranged mother, the Salt Sheens turn out to be part of a network veining beyond earth alone, exposing Beatrice to a scope of corruption she never imagined existed.

Utah locals will likely enjoy that Beatrice Bentz’ many adventures pivot around 1920s Salt Lake City and the Great Saltair Resort in all its retro glory.

Bombyx refers to silk moths. A volvelle is a precursor to the computer–you’ve probably seen these and might not have known the name. They might be made of paper, metal, or plastic rotating discs and are used to calculate things, non-electronically.

Season 1 episodes will be available every two weeks beginning in early 2017 or 2018. Originally, these were set to release in 2015, but due to research and travel considerations (this series takes place in a bunch of different countries!) I will be publishing other works before this one.

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