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Two Blogs Diverged…

This past week I’ve done a makeover on how I blog. I’ve been like Robert Frost’s traveler in the woods facing two diverging roads, only I’ve been trying to stradle both until I think I pulled something! So then it came to me. Frost said he couldn’t travel both and be one traveler, but he wasn’t dealing with cyberspace. I can be more than … Read More Two Blogs Diverged…

13 Advantages to Dictating Your Writing

I began looking into dictation for several reasons. Like many people, I have experienced back problems which make it hard to sit at a computer and write all day. I’ve also had trouble keeping weight off since becoming a full-time writer. There, said it! I’ve moved this to, so please click here to read the rest!  

23 Productivity Tricks and Tips for Writers

Productivity is just as important for creatives as it is for business moguls. But as creatives, we don’t have to follow the same old productivity advice. Instead, why not employ our creativity toward designing a writerly life we can actually live with? Here are 23 such ways that got my mind churning: 1. Define and defend my first priority. The advice to prioritize ‘first … Read More 23 Productivity Tricks and Tips for Writers