Cindy may be available for speaking engagements, teaching opportunities, informational interviews, and other projects you are working on. Just ask!

Bio and Promo Pics…

Feel free to use the images just below or the subsequent bio in reference to my writing. I’d love it if you sent me a link to your work.

Please contact me if you need something sized differently or otherwise customized. Thanks!

Cindy Grigg Author Promo Pic Color


Author Bio

“Cindy Grigg writes speculative fiction and hosts the Storypunks Podcast at http://www.Storypunks.World. Find her writing advice, blog, and other projects she’s working on at,, or”

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4 Comments on “Contact Info and Media Kit

  1. Regarding your article ( on the difference between Microsoft Office Apps and PlugIns.

    It has been my experience that many MS Office Apps require an active internet connection, whereas plugins do not.

    For that reason, I will use plugins whenever possible so that I don’t have to be tethered to Microsoft’s umbilical in order to use all of the features of Microsoft Office.

    Despite what the tech support person that I just chatted with believes, not everyone has a reliable and continuous internet connection, and there are those of us who need to be able to use a local program to get things done instead of being forced to wait until the internet connection is restored.

  2. Hi Cindy, just finished reading your book on Dictating Your Writing, and it was very informative. I have been struggling with Dragon for a while now, and you have shown me the way on a couple of points. The one thing that spoils it for me, is the constant stream of instructions you have to supply while dictating. You mention something called ‘Speech to Text Translator’ in your book. Is this what it sounds like, a way to avoid all the endless instructions?
    Please say it is?

    • I wish it was! Unfortunately, that ‘Speech to Text Translator’ is a mobile app option but it does not nullify the need to do all the endless commands for punctuation and such. One idea is to just dictate without any of them then go through after when you edit and add them, and I know people who prefer that, but I found it overwhelming–even more than learning the commands. Another idea is to only choose a few commands. For example, if you just master the ones for capitalization, periods, commas, quotes (those were the hardest for me to learn!) and new line, you could catch everything else during an edit much more easily. I can’t wait until Dragon is even easier. Despite the learning curve, I still love it! But I feel your pain 🙂 And thank you so much for checking out my book. I hope you’re having a wonderful week!!

      • Thanks for the reply Cindy. Despite its drawbacks, I still think my Dragon is wonderful. Saves me so much time (and finger ache) Best wishes Anita

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