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My Current Pre-order Deals

Check out the following title(s) on pre-order. This means they’re cheaper when you buy today, plus they’ll automatically pop up in your Amazon reading list when published!

The Salt Sheen Paradox Full Cover Book 1 K

THE SALT SHEEN PARADOX SERIES, Book 1: A decopunk (dieselpunk) thriller anchored in 1920s Salt Lake City, as a flapper adventures through a network of time and space portals among the world’s salt flats. Bees. Biplanes. Conspiracies. 


Buy Hives of the Halcyon for $0.99 on pre-order until October 18, 2018


Beta Reading

I’m also currently looking for beta readers for the following title(s).

This means you’ll read an early copy for free in exchange for your opinion or critique.

Please sign up below if you’re interested, I’d love that!

PEACOCK LAVINE Full Cover M 1 blues gold multiply

THE PEACOCK LAVINE AND THE AETHERIAN FATES OF NOTT SERIES, Book 1: A Norse mythology meets steampunk, mannerpunk, and urban fantasy rollick and tussle through an alternative Regency-era Iceland, England, Ireland, India, and the afterlife . . .

Send me notice when one or both are available to beta read!

Thank you for your interest in my work!


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