My Panelist Schedule for Comic Con 2015 #FanX15 in SLC

Comic Con FanX 2015

I am super excited to be a panelist at next week’s Comic Con 2015: Fan Experience in Salt Lake City, Utah. The last couple have been an absolute blast! 


For all you writers, my book about how to save your poor wrists while amplifying your hourly word count came out a month ago: HOW TO DICTATE YOUR WRITING LIKE IT’S…2015. The first book in my middle grade series HULDUSNOOPS is also available, for those of you needing some Icelandic fantasy / sci fi in your lives (this should be all of you).

13 Advantages to Dictating Your Writing and What a Writing Walkabout Looks Like

Here is my panelist schedule, though you can also search for my name on the main event site or download the app. Please come up and say hi!

Friday January 30, 2015

2:00 pm: Writing and Health, Ballroom C

8:00 pm: Equality in Speculative Fiction, Ballroom C

I love going to Cons. The energy you get from being around that much nerdiness and creativity is palpable. And in the words of Stan Lee:

Comic Con Stan Lee Quote

So. Whether you are local or need to make the trip, it sounds like this is where you should be next weekend!!

But if you can’t make it, I’ll be posting about epic costumes and miscellany on Instagram which feeds to the right on this blog. 

Two Blogs Diverged…

This past week I’ve done a makeover on how I blog. I’ve been like Robert Frost’s traveler in the woods facing two diverging roads, only I’ve been trying to stradle both until I think I pulled something! So then it came to me. Frost said he couldn’t travel both and be one traveler, but he wasn’t dealing with cyberspace. I can be more than one traveler here.

So I’m duplicating myself by splitting my blog into two.

  • Here, on I’m going to stick to my fiction writing life and adventures to include: research, inspiration, travels, and random musings. I’d like this blog to be more personal and conversational.
  • The Productive Author will be where I focus on my non-fiction writing including writing productivity and my new book series HOW TO WRITE LIKE IT’S… about how modern apps, software, tools, and tech in general can be levers, and ones that too many writers shy away from.

The Productive Author Logo

After all, it’s almost 2015! There are tools to make writing easier. For example, check out my Writing App of the Week.

I just finally clued in that these may be two very different types of communities, so while there is obviously some cross-over between the two, this way I can keep my posts a bit shorter. I’ve been waxing verbose trying to cover both in one place.

Just wanted to ‘splain!

Oh, and happy #NaNoWriMo to all those who are doing it! I am and I’ve reached 12,000 of the 50,000. And yes, I dictated mine–8,000 words on Saturday. I’m telling you, there are reasons to learn dictation… So worth it. Happy writing this week!